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Tracking of vehicles, accounting, maintaining the module, fleet management, traffic fine report etc.

There are various processes involved in the operation and maintenance of a fleet of a logistic company. Other aspects like accounting, diagnostic review, and maintenance schedule are also related to the process of management.

The features that receive priority are tracking of vehicles, accounting, maintaining the module, fleet management, traffic fine report, and fuel management.

Therefore, a car management system software should be such designed keeping every aspect in mind.

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Fleet Management

Fleet management includes functions like vehicle maintenance, financing, telematics, speed as well as driver management, safety management, etc. this feature gives a guarantee to an individual to rely on transportation from one place to the other with proper assistance and support. We at Swadesh Softwares help design the best kind of fleet management software for your business requirements.

Vehicle Tracking

With the specially designed application, we enable you to get the real-time information about the exact location, delivery status of the freight, and also the route as well. The software will be enabled with GPS tracking to provide you with the feature of real-time tracking. With the software designed by us, you will be easily able to monitor the shipment. Tracking of the assets also proves to be beneficial as it promotes security.

Fuel Management

With the help of specially designed software, you can save up to 91% of the fuel once your vehicle completes its first year. We help you develop such kind of a software within a short span of time. Taking advantage of such designed application, an individual gets the easy access to maintaining the vehicle in the correct way that proves to be beneficial and fruitful for all.

Inventory Management System

Keep the updates about the regular income and expenses of the business with this efficient software. There is also the provision for a stock register that is updated automatically.

Traffic Fine Management

Traffic fine management can be considered as another important part of a vehicle management system that keeps track of the rules and regulations that are implemented on vehicles that run on roads. The application developed by our professionals help in keeping track of the number of people that follow the traffic rules and the ones that do not abide by the same.

Report Generation

With a customised vehicle management software created for you, you get to prepare all sorts of reports like income and expense report of all vehicles, the statements regarding the parts of the cars, and performance of the drivers.

Alerts And Updates

The software helps in informing the owner about the vehicle taxes, tokens, insurance, permits, and date of expiry of the legal papers.

Car Rental Solution

Get in touch with the experts of Swadesh Softwares to get instant solution for every problem related to the management of your car. The car management system procedure helps in keeping proper track of the number of vehicles that are out for rent and also have a check on the cars that can be given out for rent.


Proper maintenance gives perfect mobility to a car in the correct way so that it can run on the road for a more extended period and provide ideal performance as well. Car management system manages the running of the car correctly and also keeps a proper track of the vehicles that are out on roads and provide a company with adequate service.

Increased Employee Efficiency

With this designed application, a vehicle can be monitored correctly. The tracking system helps in improving the efficiency of your employees.

Safety and Breakdown Recovery

It is indeed necessary to have a proper maintenance and look at the cars that are running on the road and are used for providing transportation facility to one. We help you in taking up safety processes in a proper way so that the management of the system can be done without much hassle.

Why Choose Us?

With the application of car management system, the experts at Swadesh Softwares, help you in keeping the records under control in the correct manner. Our professionals take the best care to design a software keeping in mind the particular requirements of the clients.

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