Salesforce Development Services

With the change in time, Swadesh Softwares has started serving the clients in the best possible ways. We offer our service to customers and assist them with their primary and secondary needs in different segments.

We offer a range of Salesforce services, for different evolving business needs.

We have a well experienced team, who understands the needs and provides unique and tailor made solutions to our clients. We also leverage our expertise in extending and customizing the Salesforce by using latest techniques and methods that fulfill the requirement of the customers completely.

Salesforce Development

Swadesh Softwares is one of the most profound and noted Salesforce service provider of the present era. We offer different kinds of Salesforce products like Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Salesforce1 Mobile, Service cloud etc.

We offer our service in multiple geographies with proper integration and customization. Not only Salesforce, but also migration, customization, AppExchange, integration and implementation are other services that we deliver. Our professionals work dedicatedly and provide correct assistance to our customers in the best possible ways. Proper Salesforce apps and also the CRM that is designed on its behalf assists in increasing the productivity of the business.


Lightning and Salesforce

We have professionals, who design Lighting-Ready Salesforce Instances and also Lighting-Ready Salesforce AppExchange within the best prices. It indeed proves to be beneficial for the customers in every way.

Salesforce Analytical gamut generally includes

  • flareApp Cloud
  • flareAnalytics Cloud
  • flareChatter
  • flareCloud Services
  • flareCommerce Cloud
  • flareCommunity Cloud
  • flareHealth Cloud etc

We believe in serving our customers with the best.

Integration with Third-party Solutions

Time to end up all your worries by availing the assistance of the most advanced form of Salesforce CRM software.

Sales Cloud

It is a customizable form of service that assists in bringing information about the different customers at a single place to enable and incorporate an approach towards various segments like Sales, Marketing, Business Analytics, Lead Generation and Customer Service. Our customers get the facility of both browser and mobile based access for this software.

Community cloud

This section helps you in sharing infrastructural information among various organizations from among a single community that has similar kinds of interest. The designed community is controlled by the members of different agencies that generally share common goals and interests. This provides a customer with utmost satisfaction and also assist one in staying updated.

Analytical Cloud

This is indeed a well-designed model, where an individual gets the process of Data Analytics as that of data sources, applications, and models from one platform to another with the help of subscription.

Service cloud

This is an automated process, which assists in finding essential articles and also streamline workflows. The best benefit that is availed from this system is building relationships based on one marketing platform to the other with proper ease through different channels and on any kind of platform that is applicable.

Marketing cloud

This is a well-designed platform that offers various companies to market their products online and also provide digital integration to the business. Customers for the business are generally targeted with the help of an online application like that of social media sites. These platforms are well designed and get proper support from third parties for correct maintenance.

App cloud

There are various kind of tools that generally have a series of developers in the quick creation of application that are on the running status on the Salesforce platform. The different tools that are included in this system are:

  • cloud_queue AppExchange: An individual gets free as well as paid apps that can be easily integrated into the platform of the sales force, without much difficulty.
  • cloud_queue With the assistance of different programming languages like VisualForce and Apex, the developers and administrators can easily design different apps and websites.
  • Heroku Enterprise: This kind of platform generally supports different languages like Ruby on Rails, Java, Python, to design application on this platform.
  • cloud_queue Lightning: It is generally considered as a default program for building websites and various applications within the Salesforce cloud. This is generally the backend features that is available to the developers. The various components of lightning are generally reusable.
    • cloud_queue Lightning process builder: This was designed for reducing the steps in the process of development and also create automated workflows without enlisting Apex Code.
    • cloud_queue Lightning connect: With the assistance of this tool, an individual can easily connect and integrate the data into the Salesforce cloud.
    • cloud_queue Thunder: This app generally helps in processing unlimited number of events on a daily note. This is actually powered by various kinds of open source technologies for tackling vast amount of data.
    • cloud_queue Shield: This is indeed an encrypted software that actually meets the requirement of the customers in proper manner.

IoT cloud

This is a designed platform that stores and processes Internet of Things (IoT) data. Huge amount of data can be easily generated through various devices with proper assistance from this kind of designed platform.