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Salesforce is a premier solution for businesses, and Swadesh Softwares can be the best Salesforce Integration partner. We provide expert-driven Salesforce services at your fingertips.

Integrate Salesforce in your business to execute various tasks, like accounting, Customer management, data management, etc., from a single point.

Salesforce cloud-based solutions help you manage several business activities from one place. Do your business more efficiently with Salesforce CRM solutions.

The Salesforce platform will act as an all-in-one platform for managing sales, customer services, customer data, marketing, and more. But how do you integrate Salesforce services into your existing system? The best option is to hire a company and let them do the task.

With the help of a salesforce development company, you can achieve this. Creating a unified base for all your systems will help your business work from a single point.

Hence, managing the data generated by these systems is immensely important to make the best out of it.

Cloud technology helps to manage this data by organizing, sorting, migrating (when needed), and keeping it secured. However, when businesses store their data in offline storage, there is a risk of losing it.

Salesforce is a cloud-based CRM technology offering a wide range of features along with effective data management. Businesses worldwide are now hiring a Salesforce development company to integrate it into their existing systems.

The integration of Salesforce technology can streamline several business activities and help you do them in a hassle-free way. In addition, you can benefit in a number of ways from Salesforce implementation.

Benefits your business can reap from Salesforce

Before we give you a peek into the Salesforce services that we offer, let's see, in brief, the positive impacts it can have on your business.

With the use of Salesforce CRM, you can get the following:

Product Head

Effective customer data management

Product Head

Scalable CRM solutions

Product Head

Flexibility for Employee satisfaction

Product Head

Effective Time Management

Product Head

Better productivity with seamless Data Management

Cloud developers design a dedicated Salesforce Solution for your business. You can hire certified Salesforce developers and get started with your implementation process.

How can Salesforce Services help you manage data better?

Using a Salesforce CRM platform, you can use your business data to its full extent. The data is the outcome of your business's activities, and therefore, analyzing it will let you find gaps in your process.

If gaps exist in a particular aspect of your business, you can find them efficiently through analyzing your data. But, for that, you need to have your data sorted and error-free.

With optimal data management, you can boost productivity and achieve greater heights. Cloud-based CRM helps you secure your data from any unexpected losses.

You can frame strategies that cater to your current business goals by analyzing your current data.

Another great advantage of implementing Salesforce CRM solutions is that it is very smooth. Unfortunately, many businesses think that leveraging a new technology will cost them, and there would be much work to do.

But, with Salesforce Data Migration, expert salesforce developerswill help you ease the process making it hassle-free. You can bring your existing data into the new system without losing any of it. You get the scope to avoid inaccuracies, thereby promoting the use of data profitably.

Salesforce Solutions we offer

Get the best-in-class Salesforce Solutions that are designed to suit your specific needs.


1 Integration

Our certified Salesforce professionals will seamlessly integrate the system into existing third-party systems. We have a wide range of third-party integrations, such as ERP systems, E-commerce platforms, Payroll Software, Vehicle Management Systems, and more. When you have proper integration of these services, you can streamline separate work processes in a go.

We merge the data and functionality of your existing third-party systems with Salesforce. Access any piece of data within seconds as everything is organized and sorted at a single pace.

We strive to be the best salesforce development companyaccessible to you.

2 Implementation

In this phase, we bring forth the core product of Salesforce, which is CRM (Customer Relationship Management). During this process, our professionals will be a part of your business, analyzing its current status.

Now, the time it will take to implement the systems depends upon your requirements. For example, if you have multiple third-party systems, it may take longer to execute the different steps in the processes.


After the installation process is complete, there will be a time when you need to upgrade your systems. But don't worry. Upgrading will not erase your customizations so far.

All your report types, dashboards, and data report generation parameters will be as it is. This is a great advantage of using Salesforce as it has this feature that does not overwrite the original customizations made by the end user.


1 CRM Development

Customize your existing CRM with the help of certified Salesforce developers, or get a new customized CRM for your business. We help you understand your customer life cycle better.

We have the needed resources for developing the CRM solution for any business category. Determining the size and shape of your company, we curate solutions with the help of our CRM Experts.

2 App Development

Elevate your CRM's efficiency by leveraging the benefits of an Enterprise App. Get a robust mobile app that will help you extend your CRMs functionality and create a further unified environment.

Whether you are facing issues in reaching and serving your target audience or performing marketing, the solution is a Mobile Application. Our Salesforce App Development services are aimed at empowering your sales through effective mobile app marketing and prompt customer services.

Data Migration

Our Salesforce Data Migration services are focused on providing you with a secure pathway to migrate data from various sources. The process of Data Migration includes several steps.

Our professionals start with creating a data governance plan, then select the data migration tools, plan the order of migration, shift data with the correct date, and take precautions to avoid errors.

Developer Support

At Swadesh SoftwaresSwadesh Softwares, you get certified developers ready to help you 24x7. Troubleshoot the problems you are facing with your new Salesforce integrated CRM from the best Salesforce CRM Development company.

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