Hybrid App Development Company in Kolkata

Hybrid App Development Services

Hybrid mobile apps combine the concepts of native apps and web apps. Native applications are developed for a specific platform, and they will not run in any other platform or device.Web apps, on the other hand, operate in a web browser and are stored in remote servers. So, hybrid apps are “best of both the worlds."

Hybrid apps are installed on devices, just like Android and iOS apps. An essential feature of these apps is that they can run on both iOS and Android frameworks. Many companies are offering Hybrid App Development services to their respective clients but as best hybrid app development company in Kolkata you are assured to get resulted services from Swadesh Softwares Pvt. Ltd.

Features of hybrid apps

  • Cross-platform compatibility(eliminates app store restrictions)
  • Stunning UX/UI designs
  • Superior app performance (in terms of speed, etc.)
  • Offline and can be accessed on different devices
  • Easy integration with other apps
  • Reusability of code (time-saving)
  • Scalability and cost-effective
  • Easy-to-distribute(market) and monetize
  • Easy to maintain (automatic updates)

Benefits of hybrid apps

As it can be seen that hybrid apps have some pretty unique features.Cross-platform compatibility of these apps allows people to reach out, communicate, and engage with a lot of customers.Also, these apps are quite faster compared to other mobile apps.

The most significant advantage of hybrid apps is that they can operate offline.The apps can work in devices with limited data connectivity.In hybrid apps, the same code can be used for multiple purposes. Unlike native apps, hybrid apps offer unmatched user experience.

If you decide to get a hybrid app developed, you don’t have to spend money on Android and iOS app development individually. Therefore, you will be able to save precious money. You can reach a lot of customers using a single app using different platforms.Hybrid apps are easy-to-maintain and update, unlike others.Also, these apps are incredibly easy to scale, thus making them a popular choice among business enterprises.As the same code is reused over and over, it can save precious time too.

How are hybrid apps developed?


At first, you need to research existing trends in the latest technologies.Also, you need to do competitor research to know how other companies are faring.Similarly, you should investigate the most recent designs before making a final decision.

Wireframes and storyboards

In the next step, the focus is given on storyboards and wireframes.Wireframing is required to have a better look at the features of a hybrid app.Also, wireframes can play a crucial role in enhancing communication and collaboration between team members.

Checking of backend systems

In this step, the backend systems such as API (Application Programming Interface) are checked thoroughly.In other words, the technical feasibility of these hybrid apps is assessed in this step.


In the next step, developers prepare a rough sketch of the final result.Prototyping allows developers to have an idea about the functionality and appearance of the ultimate app.Also, it will enable developers to make necessary changes in the design.

Designing and developing

After prototyping, designers work on increasing the aesthetic appearance of the app.The focus is mainly given on UX/UI design, as well as the app layout.Developers focus on working on the code and enhancing the app's functionality and user experience simultaneously.


In this penultimate stage, the finalized app is tested to figure out any mishaps. If any error is detected, developers will write codes to eradicate them.Then some more testing is conducted before the final rollout of the hybrid app.

Roll out

If the app has successfully passed all of these stages, then it is ready to be launched in the online market place.

Why should you get the hybrid app developed by us?

At Swadesh Softwares Private Limited, we offer:

  • Modern technologies(HTML5, CSS, Cordova and JavaScript)
  • A dedicated team of experienced app developers and designers who create hybrid apps according to your requirements
  • Stunning UX/UI design and unmatched app performance
  • Aim to please our customers (maximum customer satisfaction)
  • Ensure client engagement throughout the entire app development procedure
  • Honesty and transparency regarding the prices of our services
  • Cost-effective and time-saving services
  • Serving customers for nine consecutive years