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Are you looking for app and website developers? Do you have an agency, but you are lacking Coders? Do your clients turn back from you as you have a lack of resources?

Agencies that have good marketing strategies acquire clients who need an app, website, or web application. But they are frequently rejected by the clients, as they cannot fix a meeting with the coders.

And this is fine if we see it from the client's perspective. After all, they will be investing in something vital for their business. So, they always expect to have a one-on-one conversation with the person who will handle their project.

To get ahead of their competitors, business owners hire a coder to implement the latest technologies. This allows them to have a better way to connect with their customers.

To solve this problem and always have access to a team of coders, agencies can partner with a reliable software development company. These companies usually have great coders available who can execute the task well.

There will be no turning back on the clients when you hire such an agency. Instead, they will come back to you for the next project. Further, they also recommend you to their networks when you get great service.

So, let's keep everything aside and focus on the most important topic. When you hire coders, you need to know the technologies they work upon.

The frameworks, programming languages, and databases determine the adaptability and capability of an app. For example, the requirements of an app will force it to be developed on a certain framework. If the company you partnered with doesn't work on that framework, you will miss the client.

But then,

Why Choose us?

Swadesh Softwares is a software, app, and website development company with a profoundly expert team working on the latest development technologies. In addition, we have a huge team of developers/coders specializing in particular programming languages and frameworks.

Due to the huge demand in the market, we have come forth with fast development methodologies so that your plans never get delayed.

If you want to hire programmers online, our team's best-in-class developers/coders are available for you. The team at Swadesh Softwares has mastery of several programming and scripting languages. So, they keep a check on every minute detail to make the final product flawless.

The technologies our developers work on

So, this section will be divided into three parts: App Development, Web Application Development, and Website Designing.

So, let's start with,

App Development

Any app we develop in Swadesh Softwares is a hybrid app, which means a single app will work perfectly on both iOS and Android devices. There is no need to develop separate applications to target both sets of audience. Our coders work on App development technologies like:

  • Ionic:

    This is an Open-source UI toolkit with the help of which you get high- quality and captivating mobile and desktop apps. The developers are working on this framework focusing on the front-end of your app. This is the part of your app where the users will interact. So, our developers make sure it is truly enticing for them to use your app. The language used with this framework is TypeScript. You can hire developers online from us who work on Ionic.

  • Flutter:

    This framework has an exceptional feature called 'Hot Reload.' This allows the developers to experiment, find new and better possibilities with your apps' design, and build the UI faster. In addition, the developers can view any changes they make almost instantly without losing the current state of the app. Dart is the programming language used in the framework.

  • React Native:

    Our developers also use this great platform to develop high-performing mobile applications. They have developed several applications in this framework, so they are experts in making the most of it.

Web Applications

Our coders specialize in designing and developing with expertise in languages like C#, PHP, and MySQL.

  • Dot Net with MVC-

    This is a web development framework that our coders use, combining it with the MVC concept. The ASP.NET development is done on the C# programming language, and the backend database is developed with MS SQL.

  • PHP with Laravel -

    A very well-known scripting language that is accepted worldwide. With it, our developers build dynamic web applications. Here the backend database of your web application is developed on MySQL. If you need to hire dedicated PHP developers, you are at the right spot.

  • WordPress-

    This is also a widely accepted web development platform. Developing your web application on this will cost less compared to other platforms. In addition, it offers faster development with drag-and-drop features.

  • AngularJs-

    Our developers use this platform to develop mobile and desktop web applications. With the diverse widgets and toolkits offered in this platform, our developers will design you an astonishing web application.

  • ReactJs-

    is a similar web development platform that works on JavaScript libraries. With this platform, you will be getting a website with interactive elements, so users engage more on your site.

Web Designing

Our Web designers are proficient in coding languages too. They use languages like HTML, CSS, BootStrap, and JavaScript to design the front-end of your website, while for the graphic elements, they use Photoshop.


Now, you might be worrying about the charges levied when you rent coders from us. But, there is no need to worry; we will have a look at those. We have the charges sorted based on the experience of the developers. The more experienced the developers, the greater amount of perfection they have. But don't assume that there would be a degradation in quality, as less experienced developers are guided by the experienced. Moreover, our developers will give five days a week to your project. Refer to this table below to know the charges.

Wrapping Up

Hiring coders from us will be ideal for any development projects. Our coders are experienced in building apps of many categories. These include Food Delivery, Cab Booking, Audio Streaming, Grocery, and Supermarket apps. In addition, when you hire a coder from us, you get a person who likes to research and explore new things.  So, if your app category is different from those mentioned above, they are passionate enough to research and develop an app that fulfills your requirements.

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