GoWebbi CRM helps IT (Information Technology) companies to enjoy streamlined and automated project management and goal achievement. It will also optimize related procedures, thus transforming the entire operation. That’s an added level of professionalism without using multiple software applications.

Why do IT businesses need Gowebbi CRM?

  • Streamlined Dashboard

    IT professionals can store miscellaneous data in the Dashboard, from project sketches to invoices. They can access this data anytime, thus helping in gathering information about KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and other performance metrics. In short, it can give an overview of the companys efficiency.

  • Project Management

    With Gowebbi CRM, project managers can get a complete view of recent cases (tasks), events, and other dependencies. Updating a task’s progress is equally easy, thus minimizing manual data input. It provides a holistic overview of these procedures, thus preventing any delays.

  • Automation and Integration

    Gowebbi CRM automates the routine, mundane tasks practiced within the IT industry. These processes include invoice generation, scheduling, and pre-payment. It is quite easy to integrate GoWebbi CRM with other APIs (Application Programming Interface).

Our Process



We hear about your requirements and give inputs accordingly



We quote our subscription plans, the features, and the facilities available with GoWebbi CRM. Then, you (client) pick which one works best for you.



After choosing a plan, we integrate the CRM within your business model.

Our Works


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JK FastMart is an online supermarket app to order all the essentials. It is developed in Ionic.


Icchedana- Audio Streaming App

We present you, Icchedana, an audio streaming app for poetry lovers developed in Flutter.



An interactive, e-learning platform for Nigerian students and teachers alike, developed in PHP.



System14.us is a live music streaming website developed for musicians and fans, in Angular, by Swadesh Softwares.

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