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With the advent of the internet, the concept of marketing and selling has undergone a massive change.You do not stand any chance of survival if your business does not have an online presence. This has increased the need for proper e-commerce solutions. Swadesh Softwares, a trusted name in the e-commerce industry is slowly rising to be the best ecommerce website development company in Kolkata with its client-centric services.

Get the power to create a unique, and engaging shopping experience.

Product Management

Product management deals with the planning, forecasting, and marketing of web-based products.

Swadesh Softwares caters to product management features like upgrading product catalogs, controlling inventory, assigning the barcode, tracking stocks, auto-reminder plug-ins, requests for the product review for buyers, managing quotation, tracking order, dashboard and analyzing metrics.

Our developers are continually working to infuse the latest trends in e-commerce management to make your enterprise a successful one.

Responsive Online Store

Most of the people in today’s time transact and shop through their smartphones. Therefore, it becomes crucial to develop a website that is mobile responsive as well. Trained developers at Swadesh Softwares work hard to ensure that you receive a live e-commerce website that is compatible with all devices as well as browsers. You can easily get a multilingual, multicurrency, e-commerce platform that has Live Chat Integration to solve the queries of the buyers online constantly. We interact with you to make your site interactive for your customers too, so that they return to your site repeatedly and keep up the sales index high.

Online Payment Management

For ensuring a smooth e-commerce site, it is essential that the transaction procedure is also stable and secure. As the mode of payment is online, there involves a lot of security issues, and no one wants to lose their money due to a faulty payment system. E-commerce payment systems have gained popularity owing to the extensive use of the online shopping and internet banking.

At Swadesh Softwares, we assist you in online payment management to run your business without any barriers. We help you out with online money transferring through PayPal, Google Wallet, and similar others. The essential features offered here are payment processing integration, gateway integration on all platforms, PayPal integration, Google checkout integration, add to cart integration, shipping API integration, configuration and charge calculations, seasonal discount, gift cards and coupon management. We understand the worth of money and also how valuable it is for you as well as your customer and ensure that your money is always transacted through safe mediums.

Content Management System

There are a lot of data and information attached to a single website or application. These range from texts, blogs, images, product infographics, social media updates, newsletters, subscriptions, especially product pricing, discount coupons and product categories. It becomes a very tiring job to manage this content, and an integrated Content Management System will be quite beneficial.

A Content Management System implies a computer-based application that helps to create and modify digital content. This includes web-based publishing, management of formats, editing of the history, controlling the version, indexing, searching and retrieval of information. Web content management deals with the content in different web pages. Digital asset management systems take care of documents, movies, pictures, phone numbers, and scientific data. The service of content management can also be used for storing, controlling, revising or publishing a document.

Swadesh Softwares offers the best Content management system to help you sort out all the content related confusion at your e-commerce website. Get the best content management system from us and stay away from heaps of paperwork or cluttered office shelves.

Rigorous Security Checkups

Data security and payment security are of utmost priority for any website. Coders at Swadesh Softwares use only flexible e-commerce platforms. As our security services are the leading in the scenario, you will be able to guarantee a secure checkout for all the buyers at your site and win their confidence after every payment or transaction they make on your e-commerce site. The coders out here are highly qualified and have gained immense knowledge in the field of e-commerce marketing itself.

Customer Relations And Digital Marketing

Swadesh Softwares offers services in building a relationship with your clients such as auto Email or SMS alerts to current buyers and prospective buyers, newsletter subscription management, stock availability, social media integration, and many other similar services.

Our customer relations executives have excellent communication skills and maintain good terms with all the clients and their customers.

We also provide online marketing services for your e-commerce site with the use of digital strategies likes SEO, SEM, SMM, and the like to boost your internet presence, garner enormous traffic to your site and increase sales.

Support And Maintenance

At Swadesh Softwares, we build and maintain a good relationship with the client which has helped us in becoming a leading name in e-commerce solution services. Even after your project is done with us, we provide 24/7 support through chat and Skype and also stay connected via a toll-free support system. Apart from coding and designing, you can also avail hosting for your domain from us and get a domain SSL Certificate for extra security of your e-commerce website. We are incredibly proud of our support team who stay alert all through the day.

For complete eCommerce solutions for your business - including coding, designing and online selling - schedule an appointment with one of our eCommerce experts, today!

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