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Swadesh Softwares Pvt. Ltd. is a leading Call Center Agency handling all sorts of Customer Support, Sales, or Back Office Processing functions. Our company deals with clients spread across different parts of the world and takes up projects on an outsourcing basis. An experienced team of professional people answers calls, emails or messages on behalf of your company. We provide the best solutions to minimize costs, increase sales, and maximize your business scalability.

Inbound services

1 Customer Support Services

It is essential for a business owner to provide a rich customer experience, and we make this possible. Customers like it when they get instant feedback on their queries. We stay alert throughout the day to listen to your customers and, in turn, help in building your reputation. We provide your company with 24/7 support service throughout the year so that your customers calls will never go unanswered. Our customer services are customized as per your needs, thus making it convenient for you to partner with us.

Responsive customer service is vital for any business, which is why outsourcing is a wise decision. You can now focus on your primary business instead of diverting resources to customer services. You will not have to take the stress of your increasing business size and your client base. It is best to engage with a professional service to give your customers the best support services.

2 Invoicing Support Services

One of the critical issues any business faces is invoice processing. It is imperative that the invoice amount you are sending to your client is accurate; otherwise, you may face serious problems. Your search for a leading outsourcing service in invoice processing ends with Swadesh Softwares. We help you reduce costs and improve purchase controls. We capture and store invoice documents, perform pre-purchase authorization, and vendor payments on your behalf.

Invoice processing includes: Invoice data validation, matching invoices with purchase orders, checking the handling of cash, extraction of relevant data, creation of e-Invoice and receipt, logging of transactions, scanning of the paper invoice, production of PO receipt for supplier invoices, assistance through chat, email, and phone and monitoring of the dashboard with complete multi-level approval settings.

3Deal Closing Support

We offer you the strictest standards in the task of closing deals, that is, finalizing or securing an agreement on behalf of your company. No matter what the genre of the deal is, you can rely on us. We provide you with legal and taxation opinions. We negotiate on your behalf, arrange for finances, and evaluate your business. We assess the risk factors and help you build a bond with the investors. We also provide you with intellectual property protection.

Outbound services

1 Telemarketing

Telemarketing services include telemarketing lead management, lead generation services, appointment setting services, debt collection services, database selling services, market intelligence services, product promotion, research surveys and polling, customer satisfaction, telephone, and web-based business development. It is wise to use telemarketing services because these are cost-effective in comparison to hiring salespeople on a full job role. In addition, it is quite easy to reach out to customers spread around the word and market products or services to existing and potential customers. With telemarketing, you can right away get to know whether customers are interested in your products or not.

At Swadesh Softwares, we offer you a highly experienced telemarketing service by working near your needs and requirements. We contact businesses or individuals on your behalf using a professional telemarketing style. We never miss an opportunity to grab a lead and generate more customers for you. We transform potential leads to sure shot sales. Professionals at Swadesh Softwares work in identifying your Unique Selling Points (USP) and then customize a campaign to maximize the potential of each transaction. We offer business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) telemarketing services. We have a team of expert and experienced professionals committed to providing the best quality customer service. Being flexible, we respond to strategic changes promptly.

2 Order Filling Solutions

Our trained experts will help you out in order filling of the back end works to ensure that you do not lag behind your competitors in any field. Be a confident player in the market scenario with our experts and emerge a winner.

We offer 24x7 online order filling services to ensure that you get professional services within your budget. The message is delivered through fax, email, and pagers. Orders are dispatched on an immediate basis with streamlined services. With our customized services, you will be able to reach out to a broader client base. The customers may be eager to know more about the process, which the calling executive will be able to answer.

As the order is being filled, anything on the part of the customer can be clarified before the purchase itself to avoid any confusion later. There are many automated order-taking services, but a call center can add a personal touch which the automated machine cannot.

At Swadesh Softwares, there are well-trained employees to make the most of the sales opportunity. They conduct a thorough study of the product for grasping a better understanding to answer the queries of the clients. Our experts can handle high volume phone traffic at any point in time.

3Appointment Fixing

Favorable appointment scheduling ensures that a sales executive gets to meet only the best prospective customer. Appointment setting services increase your prospects. By generating leads, we execute a competent sales channel.

We help fix appointments that will generate business shortly and save your valuable time from being wasted. We offer the service of appointment setting in technology sales, B2B appointment setting, healthcare leads, event registrations, conference registration programs, executive appointment setting services, and B2B appointment scheduling for web conferences or demos.

Our charges are quite reasonable, thus keeping the profit margin high for your business, and we do not compromise on the quality of our services.

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