Electronic Security

Electronic Security

Integrated Security Solutions for consistent business performance, and greater reliability on technological infrastructure.

Today's fast–growing business ambiance calls for robust and up-to-date Integrated Security Solutions for consistent business performance, and greater reliability on technological infrastructure. Swadesh Softwares Pvt. Ltd. offers the best customer– centric solutions – to safeguard your staff, business resources and critical assets including the whole office premises – with its comprehensive, wide–range knowledge and experience in Electronic Security Technology.

  • CCTV Surveillance System.
  • Access Control System.
  • Time & Attendance System.
  • Intrusion Detection & Alarm System.
  • Perimeter Protection System.



Our security services cover major verticals including all residential and commercial projects of various sizes and shapes.

Our important government and private projects encapsulate the following:

Police Departments.Petroleum Companies.
Airports and Railways.Various Power Projects.
Parks and Public Places.All Corporate, Residential places.
Banking and Financial Institutions.Small And Large Scale Shopping Complex.

Based on the functioning, technology usage, and requirement, Electronic Security Systems are classified:

CCTV Surveillance System


Swadesh Softwares is the direct supplier, installer, after-sale customer service and technical support provider of surveillance cameras(analog CCTV, HD CCTV and network IP), CCTV equipment(Closed Circuit Television) and video surveillance systems.Swadesh offers the best technology pre-configured, easy to install cameras and equipment including HD security camera and IP cameras systems.

A CCTV system is considered hidden eyes and brains to surveillance department as it not only visualizes but also saves footage data records for future reference. Nowadays, there is no dearth of good quality security products, but thesecret behind a secured and successful CCTV master plan is the correct usage and implementation of various parts of this system including IP cameras, monitors, network equipment, and other accessories such as cables, DVRs, test monitors, tools, connectors, etc.

Swadesh IT Security team has gained immense expertise in installation and implementation of CCTV cameras. We offer live seamless internet viewing of all recordings for the protection of your home and residence at an unmatchable price.

Are you looking for the most stringent and secure levels of security services for your home and business? Call us – +919732349880 and ask for free surveillance guidance today.Or mail us to [email protected] with your query.

Access Control Systems

It is the utmost duty of a business to protect its resources including staff, capital, information and managerial resources by implementing accurate security measures.Remember, the safety of your resources can never be at risk if there is a clear line of control and the whole staff religiously conforms to these directives. At the same time, it is on the part of the management to trigger an efficient and hi-tech Access Control System to regularly track who, why and when, does access their business credentials and information at different levels. Every unauthorized attempt or trespass and even an authorized attempt should be recorded for future reference. Remember, a successful businessman is the one who is vigilant and always informed about what his employees are up to in his presence as well as absence.

Swadesh Softwares' Electronic Security team consists of the best-experienced security engineers with complete expertise on the surveillance technologies. We offer only the best quality Access Control System installation maintenance services for small, medium and large scale businesses across various sectors.

Now, registering, tracking and managing any entrance/doors/gates/devices of you residential, commercial or public facility do not involve much time and hassle.


Swadesh Softwares offers custom-made Access Control Systems – by implementing correct product, technology, and equipment – as each business security requirement depends on its nature, scale and other internal-external administrative factors.At Swadesh, we offer a variety of solutions comprising Web-based Access Control and Managed Access Control(easy to operate and cost effective), and expandable control panels and hardware.We offer you a range of controlsystems with proximity, smart card. Also, it is fully on our part to look after layout, configuration, installation, inspection, and regular maintenance and testing with our Managed Access Control services.

If you are looking for a complete Access Control System services and solutions we would recommend you first to schedule an appointment with our Electronic Security Officer who would also visit you in person to give you an orientation on which custom-made system would work for you the best.

Time and Attendance System


Managing attendance of employees in an organization is a great responsibility which calls for efficient and reliable Time and Attendance System.

It's only after years of extensive research we have sharpened our competency levels to remain the best in the industry who can offer you sophisticated Time and Attendance solutions to help you overcome problems in gauging performance levels of your personnel based on their hours spent working at your office on a day to day basis.

Proximity Access System :

Proximity Cards are most common these days for recording the in and out timings of employees.Proximity access is indeed the most common method which allows quick entry merely by showing a proximity card to the electronic card reader at the door entrance.Proximity access system is the most conventional technology to avail in-out data on a remote system.It is also a hassle-free management of overtime and absence while determining wage-rate calculations.

Biometric Access System :

Undeniably, an increasing number of businesses have now started opting for Biometric Access Control system to track employees and visitors data in the office.As the name suggests, Biometric system controls and records all entries/exits of staff and visitors with fingerprint access. Big corporate, government offices and places with high sensitive edifices also consider the reliability and accuracy of biometric fingerprint technology. At the same time, it's also gaining immense popularity because of its easy installation, tracking, and records of data from a remote location.

With ever-changing corporate and government labor regulations, employees, employers and policy makers alike are looking for a greater transparency in human resource management.And both Proximity and Biometric systems make the employees’ department wise records on daily, weekly, monthly, data extremely simple and non-technical.The electromagnetic locks also give the employers control over office access data on a remote system.

Alongside, rising technological advancements and corporate standards have led the invention and growth of multiple attendance management technologies.Today, we offer our clients a wide-range of technologies to meet their time-attendance requirements which include touch screens, GPS trackers, biometrics, digital attendance systems,etc.

Pleaseschedule an appointment with our Security Engineer for a free demonstration of Time and Attendance System, and we will be more than happy to send one of our experts at your location for a live presentation.Or you maycall us directly on +919732349880 for more information on our services.

Intrusion Detection and Alarm System Services

Every big and small enterprise has now started laying particular emphasis on intrusion prevention program.Swadesh Softwares provides its clients best solutions in the genre Intrusion Detection & Alarm System.We help you guard yourproperty 24x7 against invasions, burglary and other possible threats.Our smart systems remain vigilant on your property day and night, and we swear by the latest and most affordable technologies to meet your unique business/residential security challenges.

An integrated intrusion protection services comprise ofvideo surveillance, alert notification, remote arm/disarm, k-rated gates, car barriers, panic button systems, etc.We take into account the nature of your personal and business safety needs before implementing best solutions for the protection of your employees, family, visitors, etc.against all the odds.

Also, eventually the awareness on the importance of alarming system has been rapidly growing as statistics have shown how millions of businesses and residences have benefitted from burglar alarm systems.At Swadesh Softwares, we haveconducted extensive research on burglar intrusion and high-level theft tactics.Based on our investigations we suggest Wired burglar alarm system and remote management tools to our clients.Our particularhi-tech technologies services, includinginfrared and photoelectric sensors, motion sensors, intrusion detection panels, alarm verification to reduce fallacy, etc. – are meant to provide you round-the-clock protection.In fact, there are countless intrusion detection and alarming system tools available in today's times. Our experts do their best to understand your tailor-made requirements, thus to offer you the best custom-fit intrusion control services to meet your home and commercial requirements:

Intrusion Detection PanelsInfrared and Photoelectric SensorsGlassbreak DetectorsInterior/Exterior SirensExpert Alarm VerificationDriveway/Exit Alarm Systems
Water/Temperature/Humidity SensorsMotion SensorsHold-Up Panic ButtonsSmoke DetectorsDoor/Window Contacts24x7x365 Alarm Monitoring
Voice/Audio Alarm VerificationDuress CodeRemote Phone ControlGas/Carbon Monoxide DetectorsSilent AlarmsAlarm Testing Mobile Backup

To know more about our integration, inspection, maintenance, compliance adherence and other intrusion detection services you maycall us directly on +919732349880 or fill up this quick contact form with your queries, requirements and one of our security specialists will contact you at your suitable time.

Perimeter Protection System


An increase in the physical and intellectual property threats and resultant administrative and corporate regulations have increased the market demand of perimeter guarding products.A single communication platform encapsulating various combinational techniques includingdoor controller, buried cable detectors, electric fence alarms, digital microwave sensors, infrared and microwave sensors, etc. for the protection of your edifice is well known as Perimeter Protection System.Swadesh Softwares works only with the top class machinery vendors and manufacturers to offer its clients most sophisticated Perimeter Protection technology.

We offer best support and installations for perimeter alarms and perimeter intrusion detection services.Also, you can avail our services when it comes to managing vehicle traffic around your vicinity, granting access to employees, visitors and other authorized people while blocking unknown visitors and other possible threats.

Pleaseschedule an appointment with our Perimeter Protection Engineer for a free presentation of Perimeter Protection System, and we will be glad to send one of our experts at your location for a live.Or you may call us directly on +919732349880 for more information on our services.

  • Public Address System
  • Integrated Building Management System.

Public Address System

Today's emerging and the most complex world calls for an extremely efficient ‘All in One’ ’PA systems. Public Address System is a combination of an electronic sound amplification system and distribution network. Various electronic appliances such as a microphone, loudspeaker, mixing console and amplifier are core to this system for disseminating any piece of information, music, danger warning, buying discounts, flight/train announcements, a mass audience spreading a wide area, at a time.

The basic features, one must keep a check on, while selecting an efficient PA system are discussed first to better your understanding on the importance and scope of PA Systems:

Operates with existing LAN networkingVoice over Internet Protocol(VoIP)Software based programmingUnlimited matrix
Digital Storage of Voice AnnouncementsReal-time self-monitoringIntegrated Call StationsFreely programmable

Swadesh Softwares also install, maintain and integrate a permanent surveillance system with other security and alarm system interface for multi-tasking of your Public Address System.Based on our experience, a single, more converged usability strategy has always resulted in improved performance. Hence, to broaden the scope of PA system, we offer more flexible solutions where we integrate amplifier, microphone, loudspeakers, etc.of the PA system with surveillance system - via existing LAN network or the Internet - to make the system more user-friendly and affordable.

For safety and security in the public places, Public Address System is a must, and we provide special alarm broadcasting services during emergencies with voice paging through centralized amplifier based system.Alarm tones, routine voice communication are delivered by using loudspeaker at selected single/multiple zones in an extremely safe and secure way.

Be it any movement announcement at large terminals (bus, aircraft, railway, metro, etc.); or playing a music record at concert or nightclub; or factories, shopping arcade, schools, religious places, etc. -- Swadesh Softwares offers to its clients the best comprehensive and tailor-made PA systems specifically integrated for their sort of business requirements.Again, a meteoric rise in demand for public announcements in malls, shopping centers, various public, commercial and institutional establishments have led to the growth in the demand for customized PA systems in different sectors.

Swadesh Softwares offers best professionals Public Address system services at both large and small levels across all verticals. We are known for our professional services provided by our certified experts, and the salient aspects of our PA system integration services are mentioned as below:

  • Industry specific solutions, acoustic design, and implementation plan
  • Timely maintenance, testing and 24x7 support for maximum functionality and performance
  • Turnkey solutions with hardware support, cabling and site survey
  • Annual Maintenance Contract which is most affordable
  • Flexible integration with existing system with subsystems
  • PA System connectivity with the EPABX System
  • Functioning on existing LAN architecture for reduced cabling network
  • Customized component integrations, lower cost and ensured great voice clarity
  • Live, onsite technical support by certified engineers for great acoustic precision and noise pollution check during the event

At Swadesh, we conduct extensive research to determine the exact acoustic clarity and noise pollution monitoring at the time of the event. It's crucial to forecasting noise pollution with single source noise control technique to fulfill licensing procedures.

For Presentation and Understanding on How To Develop and Implement a PA System Master Plan with Remote Zone Control for Your Premises Please Schedule A One-On-One Meeting With Our Security Manager by filling up this Quick Contact Form.

Are you looking for the most stringent and secure levels of Security Services for your home and business? Call us – +919732349880 and ask for free surveillance guidance today.Or mail us to [email protected] with your query.

Integrated Building Management System

Principally all electronic equipment, designed to carry out security operations, fall under this vertical including CCTV Surveillance, Access Control, Time & Attendance System, Intrusion Detection, Alarm System, Perimeter Protection, Fire Protection System, etc.Our security projections bring multi-channel technological communications on one single platform to offer Integrated Building Management System across all industrial genres.

Swadesh Softwares security services leverage the latest, state-of-art electronic systems to offer -- government, railways, shopping centers, small stores, corporate, and other commercial places – innovative range of customized security products. We only offer products that safeguard against all possible access which can be trespassed by individuals, clusters, external entities, etc.Whether it’s about back-office systems or frontline security solutions, our proficiency and unmatchable protection levels in Electronic Security and Safety services are relied upon by hundreds of businesses in India and across the globe.

Essential Integrated Building Management features include the following:

CCTV Surveillance System :

The era of CCTV security cameras has made an organization’s vigilance exercise, for instance remotely watching over a secured or suspicious activity, extremely efficient and less time-consuming.There is no time and place constraint as each corner of your home, and office premises are fully covered on a real-time basis.A modern CCTV surveillance system includes close circuit television footage transfers via cameras in a remote access place.

Access Control Systems :

As more and more companies are now installing security cameras, many of them are simply overlooking the significance of a sturdy Access Control System in place as it is wrongly believed to be complicated.Contradictorily, Access Control System integration with surveillance cameras is not a cumbersome job for experienced technicians.

Why Access Control System is Important for your business?

Along with the viewing of all the cameras from a remote location and daily notification via phone, text, and emails; it’s also significant to integrate various access levels with various identification technologies including ID badges, key tags, biometric fingerprints, etc.

Time and Attendance System :

Swadesh Softwares Pvt.Ltd.offers best services which involve configuration, installation, timely and maintenance of your organization's manpower hours. It's only after completely understanding your business scale and environment we suggest you which bespoke technology will give you best results in monitoring/recording the in-out timings of your staff members.

Intrusion Detection and Alarm System Services :

Swadesh’s forte lies in providing best installation, testing, inspection, monitoring services for your intrusion detection program.Be it your facility or vehicle; we help you fulfill your duty to save your property from any untoward incident. You may find a variety of electronic safety products for your property, however considering your requirements and budget we recommend and install for you best combinations products so that you may focus entirely on work and let your system perform all the watching.

Perimeter Protection System :

Recent studies have shown a steep rise in perimeter trespassing and unauthorized physical transgressions even in intrusion protected areas. On the face of it, we highly recommend only trusted and branded Perimeter Protection Systems fully authorized to safeguard your residential, private, industrial, and commercial sites.

Fire Security and Alarm Systems


Swadesh Softwares offers the next generation life-safety services – based on survivability, reliability, flexibility, and cost-efficiency – on its single largest Fire Security and Alarm System platform. The years of experience have given us the authority to advise residents and businesses on various nitty-gritty associated with Fire Detection & Alarm System applications and methods. Whether you are a large scale integrated network or just a small stand-alone system, we have tailor-made solutions for every scale and size of an organization.

Fire Protection services is a serious business as it deals with saving and protecting lives and valuables. Swadesh Softwares’ Fire Protection System installation, maintenance, and operating services have been serving residential and commercial complexes since a long time.

For Presentation and Understanding on How We Develop And Implement A Security Master Plan with Remote Zone Control For Your Premises Please Schedule A One-On-One Meeting With Our Security Manager by filling up this Quick Contact Form.

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