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CRM Software

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Concentrate more dedicatedly on your work with the most simplified CRM software from Swadesh Softwares.

Get the real-time access and full control over what happens in your workplace as Swadesh CRM allows you to keep track of all the activities among the employees at your office. Deal with projects more efficiently with automatic updates and notifications.

The sales generated are easily tracked, and the status of the projects is maintained with ease through the help of the CRM software from Swadesh. After a project is taken up from a client, there are many changes and modifications in the assignment, and if the employees are not updated about these, they will find it very difficult to complete the task most accurately.

Grab a client, start with the project, follow up for updates and build the final product without any confusion midway with the most efficient CRM software from Swadesh. Deliver the best to your client with the best CRM software.

We offer a cloud-based CRM software at Swadesh, which implies that you do not need to jam up space in your system with yet another installation. You can easily access the CRM if you merely have an internet connection.

We partner with you to provide a smoothly functioning software that will help in the smooth management of your business proceedings as well as the human resources.

The Need for a Customised Software

Different business organizations have different needs and specifications and deal with different kinds of projects or tasks. The same software will not apply to all business enterprises. It is essential to purchase a CRM software that suits the particular requirements of your company. We understand the importance of a capable CRM software, and so we work hard at Swadesh Softwares to provide you with a customised software best for your needs.

We also provide you with the support staff who provides you with the necessary training to install and use the software efficiently. If you face any problem during the process of installation or after you start using the software, our support team is ready to help you out. We provide the necessary training to your staff to understand and be able to use the CRM software without any trouble.



Why chose a Cloud-Based CRM Software?

A cloud-based CRM software is far better than an on-premise software. You do not need to install the software, thus not utilizing any storage space. Maintaining this kind of CRM software is quite comfortable, and the updates are received automatically.

Free trials are available with cloud-based CRM software, which means that you can try out the software first to check whether it works for you or not. Only when you see the positive effects, will you invest money in the software. This is the best feature that you can want for in any software.

Also, cloud-based CRM software involves the minimum risks.

How does Swadesh CRM work?

Customer Relationship Management software or in short CRM software is much more than what the name suggests. It should have the power of adaptation to expand itself following the changing base of customers or clients.

Let us take a small example to help you understand how a CRM software assists you in your business. You have a company that deals with selling customised goods online. You decide to employ a CRM software for managing the workflow. You have all your employees registered in the software, and you will receive the log-in notifications instantly. This will help you keep track of their punctuality.

As you deal with the online sale of goods, you must be having a set of people who work in picking up clients for sales. As and when they get hold of a client they put up a case in the CRM. The centralized software enables the other employees to get the update on this and act accordingly. Suppose the order has been placed for a particular kind of product that is manufactured by you. So as the owner of the company, you will have the authority to assign the task of developing this product to a particular employee who works on it and provides regular updates in the CRM.

The status of the project is also notified in the case details to help the employees understand the level of completion. Once the product is completed and ready to be dispatched, it is redirected to the appropriate person. The CRM software simplifies the entire process which would otherwise have been quite complicated.

Features of CRM software

  • Contact Management- Organize your contacts into clusters.
  • Sales Team and Customer Opportunity Management- Measuring the prospective opportunities of your sales team.
  • Lead Management- Determine high-quality leads.
  • Report management- Create customised reports and dashboards.
  • Customizable Layouts- Accommodate the visual outlook.
  • Sales Analytics- The data of the past campaigns are analysed to create improved sales campaigns in the present.
  • Mobile CRM- Manage the CRM software through a mobile platform as well.
  • Sales Force Automation- Automate outgoing calls, organise data and plan more effective campaigns.
  • Sales Forecasting- Calculate the future prospects of sales to predict profit or loss.
  • CRM Data Storage- Store data in the CRM software for easy retrieval.
  • Files Sync- Share and synchronise all files in the CRM platform across all devices connected to it.
  • Chat integration- Chat with the in-house staff as well as clients.
  • Support automation- Provide support service to your clients through the CRM.
  • Case Management- Manage the client base on a case wise basis.
  • Key highlights

Every business enterprise has its distinct need for a CRM software, and thus it is essential that a customized CRM software is made suiting the business’s requirement. The nature of the software, that is, its ability to adapt to any workload, or the ease with which it can be used by the staff or employees is the main point that should be kept in mind while employing one for your needs.

The CRM software has to be compatible across all the operating systems and work with the same efficiency across all browsers. The same should be the case with the database of the CRM too. No matter what the server is, you should be able to have access to the data irrespective of the platform.

We strive to give you a software that will facilitate your staff to check the details of a client when they are having a conversation with him so that you can understand his preferences better.

What do we offer?

  • Cloud-based Swadesh CRM software that will help you partner with other sellers on the same platform.
  • Train your staff to use the software efficiently.
  • Help you quickly switch from your previous programs for managing the affairs at your workplace to upgrade to our integrated software.
  • Cloud storage facility to back up all the data securely so that they can be retrieved quickly.
  • Programmers are provided with a template toolbox to use for custom codes.
  • Consultants that are available online to guide you.
  • Software that takes care of all needs of your company.

Enjoy Bonuses

With a good CRM software, you can turn the processes of managerial or administrative function in your office into an automatic process. You can automate processes like organizing campaigns for marketing and advertising, lead generation for sales and the billing processes. These tasks take up much time which can be reduced with an efficient and customised CRM software from Swadesh Softwares.

Why use different applications and software to manage the various aspects of your business when you have a single and efficient solution for all the activities? When you opt for using CRM software from Swadesh, you enjoy many added benefits. You can use this on any system. You will get regular updates on the features of the software. This is a one-stop solution for all your needs for data management. You have no fear of losing your data, as everything is backed up.

Your staff may get bored of doing the same repetitive work of keeping the accounts, designing spreadsheets, etc. But the CRM software would never get tired of doing the same thing umpteen numbers of times. Reports are generated automatically, and you save a lot more time reducing the manual workload. Businesses are streamlined, and productivity, as well as profitability, is increased.

We also support you if ever you come across any technical issues. The software is also available on the mobile front, thus making it easily accessible on the go too.

Installinga cloud-based CRM software from Swadesh will be cost-effective as we assure you the best services at the most reasonable price. You can easily access your data from anywhere across the web, on any device.

You need not worry about the security of the data that is being uploaded to the central database. This is so because we encrypt all the data with secured codes that cannot be tampered with.

The CRM software from Swadesh will provide you the flexibility of looking after all the administrative aspects of the business at your ease.

All in a Nutshell

Raise the standards of your client services with the CRM from Swadesh and enhance your position to have a good reputation in the market for not only delivering the best services but also building secure and reliable customer relationships.

Tracking the ongoing projects and getting reminders on the ones that are due, is a prime feature of the CRM software which ensures that your level of productivity is always high. Organise your workload so that you complete projects on time and never miss out on winning praises for the efficient disbursal of services to your clients.

You get the place to store every contact related to your business in the same area with CRM software at your fingertips. Manage the contacts of your clients, customers, vendors, and employees all at the same place, so that you would not have to search different files to locate the contact details.

It is effortless to track the chat history or work history of a particular client with this easy to use CRM software from Swadesh. You can even attach documents and send them directly from the CRM to any of your employees to give updates on the ongoing project. Sharing files with colleagues has never been easier. The productivity of your employees, as well as your company as a whole, will increase to great heights with the most affordable CRM software from Swadesh.

Have faith in Us

Given the market scenario, it is hard to put your faith in a company. So, we advise you to take a free trial and get a flavor of our services before entrusting us to build a CRM software for your company or business needs. Build strong relationships with your clients as well as staff members with an efficient CRM software designed exclusively for you by Swadesh Softwares.

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