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ETAIL APP - Easy to use

ETAIL APP is retail software designed for apparel/made-ups/leather retailing companies. It provides a complete set of modules including sourcing, warehouse management and point-of-sale.

The software can be customized to meet your specific needs. This customization would be based on the system study conducted in your organization to determine the modifications required.

ETAIL APP powerful POS software allows retailers to maintain absolute control over sales and inventory while presenting an easy customer checkout. It is a great solution for both your sales counter and telephone order desk. It is designed for operation with either a keyboard or a touch screen and can handle most types of retail settings.

Why to regulate sales with ETAIL APP? Any good POS software can save your time, increase accuracy and control what happens at the sales counter. But most systems involve high prices, complex setup and big training requirements.

ETAIL APP is an easy to use, affordable POS system. Our motto is "simplicity works" and we guarantee that ETAIL APP is the easiest POS system you have ever seen.

  • Create Product Categories: Based on category type (Men’s, ladies, children etc.), design etc.
  • Product Catalogs: Create product catalog and view them category wise (Department/Group/Sub-Group/Brand wise).
  • Generate Bar Code Stickers: Generate bar code stickers for each product.
  • Manage Warehouse Inventory: Manage multiple warehouses and track inventory movement between warehouses and stores.
  • Setup Stores: Setup store locations and manage use rights. View store inventory online.
  • Returns: Receive returns from stores.
  • Financial Accounting Interface: All transactions can be interfaced with standard financial accounting applications such as Tally.
  • Security: Multiple levels of security to ensure only authorized users can access pre-defined areas.
  • Inventory Management: Inventory management of ready-goods and seconds inventory.
  • Stock Auditing: Match physical stock with software stock to identify any Theft/pilferage .
  • System Administration: A comprehensive system administration module that allows you to setup new users, restrict/change access rights.
  • Procurement:
    • Create Purchase Orders to vendors
    • Receive Products, Inspect them and return the undesirable products
  • Reports:
    • Analyze Sales pattern, manage Inventory, verify accounts and decide the procurement
    • Flexible selection Criteria
    • Set your favorite reports and selection parameter for each reports
  • Invoice:
    • Create Invoices without any waiting time
    • Variety of payment options: Cash, Card, Foreign, Cash, Gift Vouchers & Member Points
    • Manage various Discounts
    • Get history of member purchases
  • Returns: Manage customer return. Give store credits.
  • Loyalty Card Enrollment: Enroll customers into loyalty program.
  • Inventory Management: View store inventory.
  • Returns to Warehouse: Send back unsold items back to warehouse.
  • Sales Analysis: View sales using different parameters such as salesperson, color/design/product category wise sales.
  • Synching with Warehouse module: The application synchs with the warehouse module and all product/pricing information is updated automatically.
  • Installation & Training: Easy to use- Easy to Learn.
  • Accounting Reports:
    • Get Invoice wise, Product wise & Day wise details of Payments received at Stores
    • Get Tax details and Foreign currency collected
    • Get Customer/Supplier/Counter wise Sale/Purchase Report
  • Procurement Reports:
    • Get vendor wise current stock & sale to decide the next procurement
    • Track the existing and incomplete Purchase Orders
  • Inventory Management:
    • Track inventory movements between Warehouse, Stores and Vendors
    • History of Stock Audit details
    • Track the Transit Stock, Dead Stock and not Issued stock to Stores
  • Sales Analysis:
    • Different tools to analyze sale pattern at each stores
    • Identify active periods of sale, most demanded Products and active customers
    • Profitability reports to manage expenses, cost of operations and production

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